Davon Rainey, Logan Frances Kruger | Shelter Island, NY | 2010 | Choreography by Adam H. Weinert

HERE HERE is about presence, temporality and porousness. In tight collaboration with the composer, two dancers perform a series of chance-based movement scores.  The mediums interlace in a dynamic, indeterminate dialogue wherein feedback loops, methodical partnering, and evocative improvisation entangle and unfold to reveal a unique temporal experience with each performance. 

Premiered at Boltax Gallery

Shelter Island, NY

August 2011

Choreography: Adam H Weinert
Music & Sound Design: Roarke Menzies Photography: Michael Hart
Performance: Javier Baca, Logan Frances Kruger, Davon Rainey, and Adam H Weinert

Shadow Art: Jenn Myers

Video: Philippe Tremblay-Berberi

Costume Design: Márion Talan

Documentary Recording: Michelle Mola, Michael Sheriff, Roarke Menzies, The People of Shelter Island

Production: Karen Boltax, boltax.gallery matchboxarts