Photo by Philippe Tremblay-Berberi

Photo by Philippe Tremblay-Berberi

Video by Philippe Tremblay-Berberri



THE UNSEEN, an original creation for the (UN)SCENE ART FAIR, March 4-8 (Armory Arts Week) at 549 W 52nd Street, is a site-specific augmented reality installation which reveals the space as it existed in its raw form before being built out for exhibition.  With the creation of a new mobile app which uses image-recognition, and geo-locational technology to load different kinds of media directly to people’s smartphones, we open up spatiotemporal possibilities for dance and place it in the hands of the spectator.

The Reaccession of Ted Shawn

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With The Reaccesion of Ted Shawn, Weinert returns the choreography of Ted Shawn to the museum entrusted with preserving it. Shawn, a seminal force in American modern dance, made a gift of his works to MoMA in the 1940’s, but the museum later gave away these materials. This move contradicted MoMA's policy not to sell or give away works by living artists. Weinert subversively returns Shawn's works to the museum through the use of augmented reality, a technology that enables audiences to access location-specific triggers throughout the museum to experience Weinert's filmed performances of Shawn's works on their mobile devices.

Performances of Shawn's works are by Weinert and were filmed by Philippe Tremblay-Berberri, and are accessible with the dance-tech AR mobile app

Inside Lives

Inside Lives exists as both art object and video installation. Using Augmented Reality technology, the blueprint of a brownstone on Manhattan's Upper West Side becomes an interactive display of original footage created by transitory inhabitants of this building in a city where artists are continuously priced out to the margins. Coinciding with the beginnings of Occupy Wall Street, we invited nine artists to respond, inhabit and document these transitional spaces and use them as a platform for artistic expression. 9 spaces, 9 artists, 3 minute works in 3 weeks time.

First performed on October 5, 2011
at 51 West 74th street, New York, USA

Adam H Weinert with participating artists Itziar Barrio, Charlotte Bydwell, Phyllis Chen, Alexander Ekman, David Finch, Michael Hart, Marine Penvern, R.B. Schlather, Ryan Tracy, Riley Watts, and Zack Winokur. 


ANTECHAMBER is a live art installation interposing the private, public and personal. Sound, shadow, projection and dance art are used to construct a bricolage that investigates observation and reaction through gesture and space.

Premiered at Boltax Gallery
Shelter Island, NY
August 2011

Choreography: Adam H Weinert
Music & Sound Design: Roarke Menzies Photography: Michael Hart
Performance: Javier Baca, Logan Frances Kruger, Davon Rainey, and Adam H Weinert
Shadow Art: Jenn Myers
Video: Philippe Tremblay-Berberi
Costume Design: Márion Talan
Documentary Recording: Michelle Mola, Michael Sheriff, Roarke Menzies, The People of Shelter Island
Production: Karen Boltax, matchboxarts