A Film By Zia Anger, Tobin Del Cuore and Adam H Weinert

Music by Christopher Garneau

Featuring Eric Jackson Bradley, Nicholas Bruder, Quinn Czejkowski, Christopher Garneau, Ross Katen, Logan Frances Kruger, Davon Rainey, and Adam H Weinert

Dramaturge Michelle Mola

Lighting Design JAX Messenger

Production Manager Dan Stermer


He's in a Great Place!

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room
Tate Modern
Thursday 27 February 2014, 20.00

Director/Writer: Cally Spooner
Choreographer: Adam Weinert
Opera SingerVeronika Benning
Dancers: Sonia Garcia, Lisa Miramond, Zoé Courel
Featuring: Laura McLean-Ferris
Composer: Peter Joslyn
Costumes: Malene List Thomsen
Stage set: Giles Round
Production assistance: Edd Hobbs


Director: Zia Anger
Choreographer: Adam Weinert
Producer: Miles Joris-Peyrafitte
Executive Producer: Brian Sampson
Art Direction: Caiti Hawkins
Eye Assistant: Annie Bielski
Editors: Lucy Munger and Miles Joris-Peyrafitte
Color Correction: Joseph Mastantuono

Dancers: Cynthia Koppe and Davon Rainey

Extras: Jessica Puglisi, Kenji Suzuki, Robert Caldwell, Karen Schoemer, Laetitia Hussain, Annie Bielski, Eve Alpert, Scott Kellerhouse, Tess Boris-Schacter, Kasra Kurt

Knockout from the album In the Hollows


Directed By: Zia Anger

Producer/AD: Miles Joris-Peyrafitte
Cinematography: Ashley Connor
Choreography: Adam Weinert
Art Direction: Caiti Hawkins
Grip and Electric: Danny April
Associate Producer: Samuel Baumel
PA: David Britton
Hair and Makeup: H. Weinstein 
Additional Talent: Jim Steele

Match Box Dances

Match Box Dances is a short, four-part dancefilm shot on the streets, sidewalks and loading docks of DUMBO, one of New York’s most quickly changing neighborhoods. The product of an inter-disciplinary collaboration, Match Box Dances is a snapshot of ongoing investigations of portraiture in dance on camera. The project explores the intersection of public, private and personal gestures, while employing a creative and technical regard to immediacy similar to that of an instant Polaroid: The content, creation and production arise necessarily ‘of-the-moment’, and produce an artifact that functions as both document and art object.

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