Dan Lawrence, Adam H Weinert | Brooklyn, NY | 2013 | Choreography by Adam Weinert

Based on the graphic novel MARS!, by Tom Coiner, this collaboration between Superhero Clubhouse and Matchboxarts explores how the promise of power and the desire for justice effect environment, culture, and the mind of man. Ms. Caldwell's projected images, Mr. Miller's score, along with scenic and costume design by R. B. Schlather, complement the collaboration between Mr. Pickard and Mr. Weinert for the project, which is made possible by the generous support of the Mertz Gilmore Foundation.  


MARS (a play about mining)

adapted from the graphic novel MARS! by Tom Coiner

Directed: Jeremy Pickard

Choreography: Adam H. Weinert

Music: Adam Miller

Graphic Art: Kristy Caldwell

Stage & Costume Design: R.B. Schlather

Stage Management/Assistant Direction: Alessandra Calabi

Dramaturgy: Megan McClain

Created & Performed: Javier Baca, Nathaniel Bausch-Gould, Rosie Dupont,

Aba Kiser, Logan Kruger, Dan LawrenceKeisuke Matsuno, Adam Miller,

Manelich Minniefee, Jeremy Pickard, Davon Rainey, J.P. Schlegel, Adam H. Weinert